Whether you’ve just enrolled at university, have studied for several years, or are a recent graduate, The Telegraph is looking for new writers to contribute to our Student Life section.

Having recently launched our new hub for students, the Telegraph Education desk is looking for talented student writers and  journalists to produce news, comment and features pieces on a weekly and monthly basis.

At the best of times, university life is hectic, controversial and deeply politicised, which is why students are ideally placed to comment on the issues currently taking place within the university sector.

Whether it be internal issues affecting your university, matters concerning education-related bodies such as the NUS or the impact of top-down policies implemented by Government, The Telegraph wants to hear from you.

Applicants who are successful will be given excellent opportunities to gain work experience with our Education desk at The Telegraph’s London newsroom, along with future summer internships and advice on finding jobs in journalism after graduating.

To apply, please email our online education editor Harry Yorke with three article ideas, along with any previous experience you may have.

Tips for applying

Make sure you understand the type of stories The Telegraph produces. Make sure to read previous articles to get a grasp of the style and tone of our content. Our best pieces are well-informed, reasoned and supported by thorough research into the subject area.

Know your audience. Consider why readers would be interested in your opinion: are you saying something new, and why is it that they should be concerned?

Accuracy is key. If you quote someone, make sure what you write is accurate. If you make claims against people, be sure to include your evidence. For further guidance please read our terms and conditions here.

When we receive a pitch we like, we will contact you and let you know how to proceed. All work must be your own original work and must not have been published elsewhere first.

We look forward to hearing from you.